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a snipers heart is just as big as anyone elses, we just have been trained to hide it under the nearest rock

I have been diagnosed with Acute PTSD


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books available: 

NOVELS: Trained in Hell, Living in Heaven (Rosedog publishing)  Jim Talbert, whistling in Chicago, The birth & Creation (Authorhouse Publishing)

POETRY BOOKS: Perflect Flaws & Reflections of PTSD (Authorhouse Publishing)

POETRY BOOKS AND SHORT STORIES(KDP published): Nightmares of War (Vol. 1 thru 4)  Snake Riddles Poetry (Vol. 1 thru 6)  

SHORT STORIES ONLY (KDP published): Snakes short Stories  & Random Echos of a PTSD


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You can order through me and I'll autograph for free or order through the publisher

I have been known to send books for free on a whim